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NFL Week 7 Picks

NFL Week 7 Picks

Check out our NFL week 7 picks! What to expect from this week's matchups, which matches to bet on and why?
NFL Week 6 Picks

NFL Week 6 Picks

The bparlay NFL Week 6 Picks have arrived. Let’s start breaking down the matchups!
Week 6 NFL Parlay

Week 6 NFL Parlay

Are you ready for a major parlay victory? It's week six of the NFL season, and it's time to start our hot streak. This week, the bparlay team has picked a winning formula.
NFL Week 1 Parlay

NFL Week 1 Sunday Football Parlay

Here is our winning three-team parlay for the first Sunday of professional football.

NFC North Win Totals – A Closer Look

No NFC team dominated its division like the Packers did the NFC North in 2020. And no team dominated the football headlines during the...

NFC South Win Totals

What a difference a year makes. Last year the NFC South belonged to the Saints, as we weren’t sure exactly what Tom Brady’s move...

2021 NFL Betting – AFC South Win Totals

The 2020 season for the AFC South featured two really good teams battling for the division title and two really bad teams wallowing among...

2021 NFL Betting – AFC North Win Totals

It was a strange season for everyone in 2020, but even more so for the AFC North. It was also the best division in...
rookies guide to NFL

Rookie’s Guide to NFL

Welcome to the BParlay.com Rookie's Guide to NFL. The National Football League is the most popular sport in the United States, and it also has...
NFL Week 1 Picks

NFL Week 1 Picks

Welcome to the NFL Week 1 Picks from BParlay.com.  It's officially the best time of the year for sports betting because the NFL season...