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MLB Picks

MLB Picks

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Free MLB Picks

This is where I give you totally free picks and parlays for MLB. Most likely you will get a solid 3-5 picks which are perfect for a juicy parlay. You can however play them individually if you choose.

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I like to mix things up with my parlays to get the very best value. So don’t be surprised if you see random betting markets featured in my parlay picks.

Just because I give my parlay picks away for free, doesn’t mean they are worth less than most paid services out there. I want to create a parlay community and help everyone get better at winning! It really does take time and experience to get consistent with parlay betting.

MLB Consensus Picks

Following the money is always a good piece of information to consider when choosing picks for your parlay. It’s no certainty but if people are happy to drop their money down, it’s a pretty good indication that they are confident about the chances.

Some bettors like to follow the consensus market religiously but a smarter play would be to go with your own thoughts. To be successful with parlay betting you have to be confident, so do just that. Get your picks together and know in your own mind that it has great chance of winning.

MLB Over Under

Probably my favourite betting market to throw in my parlays. This is where the line can be your best friend! It is common to find a favourable over under line, especially if a team are on a hot streak or missing a star player.

The over under lines can for the most part be pretty accurate also. This means these picks are a 50-50 punt but sometimes worth the risk.

Over under line odds are most commonly priced up at -110 either way. This is known as a ‘pick’em’ scenario and the bookie is basically saying ‘take your pick’! In MLB betting though the over and under odds can show favouritism to the over or the under. Don’t let this sway you! If you are getting bigger odds for a pick you wanted anyway, thats awesome!

MLB Picks Run Line

This is a handicap given to the (on paper) weaker side in the match up. It basically levels the playing field and gives the betting opportunity more a 50-50 chance.

Over the years I have found great value in adding run line picks to my parlays, especially if I’m confident a team will cover. It can also play well with an underdog who I feel can pull out a big performance.

MLB Underdog Picks

As you know, I’m really not a fan of putting big underdogs in parlays. It’s just way too risky and a quick way to going bankrupt!

It is ok to put a small underdog in of course. Every match up has an underdog so I’m not saying to avoid them all and just back the favourites. Maybe draw the line at +300.

MLB Expert Picks and Parlays

Although I never like the term ‘expert’ when it comes to picks and parlays, it kind of is what I am now. I look at it more like experience and dedication to betting on MLB.

I have successfully profited from MLB parlays for the past 4 seasons though so I’m extremely confident in my picks and parlays.

Free MLB Picks Predictions

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