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By Jacob Johnson | Published On: Sep 2 2021

How to Deposit with BetMGM

How to Deposit with BetMGM

How to Deposit with BetMGM – In order to use an online sportsbook, a bettor must first fund their account so that they can place wagers. BetMGM is no exception to that rule, as bettors have to put money into their accounts before they can get started with wagering at this popular betting site. In this guide to making a deposit at BetMGM, find out how to make a deposit and what kinds of deposit methods are able to be used.

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Login Or Create Account

The first thing a bettor must do in order to make a deposit at BetMGM is to log in to their account or create an account if they have not already done so. Players who do not already have an account can hit the register button at the top of the screen when they open the website or app. From there, they can follow a series of prompts and enter the required information in order to finish setting up their account.

For bettors who have already signed up at BetMGM, they can simply log in to their accounts to get started. That can be done by hitting the login button that is next to the register button at the top of the screen.

Find the Deposit Button

Once bettors have created their account or logged into their account, it is time to initiate the deposit process. To do this, they can simply hit the Deposit button on their screen, which will initiate the deposit process. From there, bettors are able to go through the rest of the steps to complete their deposit, including selecting their deposit method, deposit amount, and finalizing their deposit.

Select a Deposit Method

The first prompt that bettors are shown when making a deposit is to select what deposit method they want to use at BetMGM. How a bettor answers this question will determine what financial institution is billed when the bettor funds their account.

There are a wide variety of deposit methods available when using BetMGM, though it should be noted that some options are only available in certain states. Overall, though, the list of available deposit options is consistent from location to location. Here is a list of the deposit methods that BetMGM currently supports across the 11 states they operate in as well as Washington, D.C.

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Cash at select casinos
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe
  • Check
  • playMGM/BetMGM Play Plus
  • Skrill
  • VIP Preferred Program
  • Wire Transfer
  • TAP
  • GameOn Card
  • Paywithmybank
  • Neteller

As you can see, there is a long list of options for bettors to choose from in order to make a deposit with BetMGM. These options do not come with any sort of fee from BetMGM, though some financial institutions may charge a fee of their own. Most deposit methods with BetMGM are instant, allowing bettors to fund their accounts quickly and easily.

Choose the Amount to Deposit

Once a deposit method has been chosen, bettors are able to select the amount that they want to deposit on the site. Bettors should make sure to choose an amount that is within their financial means. Once they have decided on an amount to deposit, they can click through the prompts to finalize their deposit and start wagering.

Players making their first deposit with BetMGM might want to remember that they could be eligible for a new player bonus with the site. In that case, bettors should be sure to deposit an amount that would yield the bonus amount that they desire, provided that amount is still within that bettor’s budget.

Responsible Gambling Methods

BetMGM does offer players a few responsible gaming methods that they can use to make sure that they are playing within their monetary budget on the site. The first of those methods is the ability to set a budget on the site, where players can decide a maximum amount that they are allowed to deposit over a specified time period. Learn more about using BetMGM with the How to place a bet at BetMGM guide.

Bettors are also able to self-exclude at BetMGM, which allows them to bar themselves from using the site for a period of time that they select. This is another way for bettors to make sure that they are not depositing beyond their means, as players can return to making deposits and placing bets once their selected time period has passed.

These options are important to make sure that every player is betting within their means at all times. Responsible gambling is a must for all bettors, regardless of skill level or familiarity with sports betting. And BetMGM makes sure that there are tools available to bettors to make sure they are being as responsible as humanly possible.

Security of Personal Information

It is important to note that BetMGM does keep the personal information of their players safe when online payment transactions are performed. BetMGM is required to maintain the technology that protects the data of their players, with that information security being critical to the site remaining licensed in the states where it operates. As a result, players can perform their financial transactions with BetMGM with peace of mind, knowing that their information is going to be safe.

The biggest benefit to sports gambling with a legal and regulated sportsbook is the fact that they are required to protect the personal information of players in those jurisdictions. Operators based in other countries do not have any such legal obligations in the United States, which means that they do not offer the same peace of mind as BetMGM and similar operators.

Help Making Deposits

For bettors who need help with making deposits at BetMGM, they are able to get that help at any point during the day and night. That is because BetMGM has customer service that is available 24 hours per day and seven days a week. Their customer service team can address questions with making deposits, withdrawals, or any other items bettors may have questions about when they are using their BetMGM accounts.

Live chat and email are the two main ways to get in touch with BetMGM at all hours of the day and night. The live chat service allows players to get in touch with BetMGM immediately for inquiries that cannot wait. Email, meanwhile, is answered by BetMGM representatives within 24 hours and is great for questions that do not need an immediate answer.

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