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About Us

Our Approach to Parlay Betting

If you take time to study sports betting in detail, track your wagers and stick to the same stake, you can increase your chances of winning.

Our two core principals are stats and gut feel. These two put together are a deadly combination and have served us well over the past 15 years.

You can easily over analyse so it’s important to use the stats carefully and combine with your gut feel. If you follow each sport daily your own knowledge can go a long way. Trust it!

Picks and Parlays is the number 1 strategy for winning sports picks . We offer free picks, parlays and expert picks on every game. You can also get the most comprehensive sports betting analysis from our team of experts.

We compare the best odds in real time with the help of our in-house sports betting experts to offer you with free winning picks , predictions and parlays. The best free sports picks as well as parlays for all of today’s games

Our Story

We are two buddies from Charlotte, North Carolina and are big Hornets fans.

It was the Hornets that got us started in betting and then the Panthers and Checkers dragged us in to more sports.

We now have have all the major sports covered and regularly land winning parlays.

Meet the Team

Here’s our mug shots! We did this for jokes as we are normally way more relaxed!

Josh Thomas

The Main Man

Jacob Johnson

Seniors sports editor – Jacob Johnson’s External publications

Tim Chimer

Stat Man