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By Jacob Johnson | Published On: Sep 7 2021

How To Place a Bet at BetMGM

How To Place a Bet at BetMGM

How To Place a Bet at BetMGM the right way!

Betting on sports is easier than ever, with online sportsbooks making it simple to get in on the action both at home and on the go. BetMGM is no exception, as players are able to easily place a wide variety of wagers on this popular sportsbook. In this guide to placing a wager at BetMGM, find out what bettors need to do to wager on their favorite sports at this site.

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Login and Fund Account

The first thing that a bettor must do to place a bet at BetMGM is log in to their account and make sure that it has funds in it. Bettors can either hit the Login button at the top of their screen to sign in to their account or the Register button if they have not yet enrolled with BetMGM. New players will have to enter some personal information, following the prompts from BetMGM, to get enrolled.

There are several ways for bettors to fund their accounts with BetMGM. Methods such as credit and debit cards are options, along with things like PayPal and online banking transactions. These transactions are typically performed instantly, with no fees coming from BetMGM itself, even though some financial institutions may charge a fee.

Select What to Bet On

The first step to placing a bet at BetMGM is deciding what to bet on. To do this, bettors can navigate around the BetMGM app and look at the available betting markets in the sports that they are interested in wagering on. Then, knowing what is available to them, bettors can do their research and determine which bets are worth making and which bets they should avoid placing at BetMGM.

It is important to remember that there are a ton of different betting markets that can be utilized at BetMGM. Therefore, bettors are best served to stick to what they know, as placing too many wagers across too many types of markets could lead to bettors setting themselves up for failure in the long run. But as long as bettors do their research and carefully consider their options, they will put themselves in the best possible position to turn a profit.

Make Your Selections On BetMGM

Once a bettor has done their evaluations and decided what bets they think are worth making, it is time to make those selections official at BetMGM. In order to do this, bettors can navigate back to the sports and leagues where those selections reside. From there, bettors can click or tap the bets that they want to make, at which point those picks will be added to their betslip.

It is very important to remember that bettors cannot change their wagers once they have been placed. This means that bettors have to be careful to double-check the bets that are in their betslip before they finalize their bets. Making sure that the teams, players, numbers, and odds are all correct will save bettors from risking more than they want to or betting on lines that are not favorable.

Select Bet Types

Once a bettor has made their selections and added them to their betslip, they can then decide which types of bets they want to make on BetMGM. There are several options available to bettors in this regard, as they can place straight bets consisting of individual selections or multi-leg bets. Those multi-leg selections have the potential to yield bigger payouts than their single-leg counterparts.

Among those multi-leg bets are parlays and teasers, which require every leg to win in order for the bet to cash. Parlays consist of multiple legs that are not altered in any way, which amplifies the odds and potential payout for those bets. Teasers, meanwhile, consist of legs where the point spreads or totals involved are made more favorable to the bettor, which drags the odds back down. These bet types are an important area to understand and highlight how to place a Bet at BetMGM.

Enter Stake and Finalize Wager

After a bettor has selected what they want to bet on and what types of bets they want to place, they are then able to enter their stake amount. How much a bettor risks on each bet varies depending on the player, as bettors should aim to bet somewhere from 1% to 5% of their bankroll on each selection. What that number looks like depends on the bankroll of each individual player.

Once a bettor has entered the amount they wish to risk on their wagers, they can click or tap the Place Bet button to finalize their selection. At that point, the funds wagered will be taken out of the bettor’s account and will be listed as pending. Bettors can verify this for themselves by looking at their pending bets in their accounts.

Before hitting the Place Bet button, bettors should once again double-check that everything is accurate regarding their bet. This applies to the market being wagered on, but even more so the amount of money being risked on that bet. Since bets cannot be altered once they are placed, any mistakes pertaining to the amount wagered will not be refunded, underscoring the importance of making sure those numbers are correct.

BetMGM Sports Betting Tips

When placing bets at BetMGM or any sportsbook, bettors should be sure to stick to the markets and the sports that they understand best. With so many options available at this bookmaker, it can be tempting to try and expand into other sports and leagues. But this can have a major impact on a bettor’s bankroll over time.

Bettors should also track their bets while using BetMGM using the account history on the website or app. Doing so will allow bettors to see what types of bets are working for them and what types of bets aren’t, so they can use that information to make more money in the future. Why not also take a look at our How to sign up to BetMGM guide for other tips.

Help With Placing Bets

Some bettors may have trouble locking in their bets with BetMGM for a variety of reasons. In that case, bettors can get in touch with customer support for this sportsbook around the clock, with 24/7 customer support available at this bookmaker. Players can contact BetMGM via live chat and email 24 hours per day, with live chat offering bettors the ability to get instant answers to their questions.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our How To Place a Bet at BetMGM guide, please drop us a line if you have any queries.

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