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By Jacob Johnson | Published On: Aug 31 2021

Betting Guide for West Virginia – Sports Bet Guide

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      Read the latest Ultimate Sports Betting Guide for West Virginia

      Following in the footsteps of New Jersey is what ensured sports betting would arrive in West Virginia. Each of the states that have had sports betting legalized in the past five years had an uphill battle. For a long time, Nevada had complete control over the sports gaming industry, that was until the states began to fight back. 

      Sure, it was a long process leading up to the legalization of sports betting in West Virginia, but it paid off in dividends. Considering that before 2018 there wasn’t a state aside from Nevada that allowed sports betting, rules and regulations have come a long way. The moment that states aside from Nevada began to see sports betting be legalized, a snowball effect occurred.

      Although West Virginia was the fifth state to have sports betting legalized, they were first in the legalization of online sports betting. Now, the state has a booming sports betting industry and is becoming a premier market. Citizens of the state have backed the state’s hard work by filling up sportsbooks and taking advantage of online betting. Let’s take a look at just how West Virginia got its start in the sports betting industry. This Betting Guide for West Virginia has been compiled by our team of writers and is accurate at the time of writing.

      How sports betting was legalized in West Virginia

      Much like New Jersey and the other states who fought for the legalization of sports betting, West Virginia had a lot of work. Their journey started much like everyone else, getting banned by the PASPA. For those of you unfamiliar, the PASPA stands for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. PASPA is also known as the Bradley Act, and it was first enforced in 1992. 

      This act banned sports betting nationwide, aside from a few states, one of which was Nevada. Nevada held the monopoly on sports betting for quite some time until they were challenged by a state notorious for gambling. When New Jersey came into play, the PASPA act was immediately in jeopardy. All it took was one win by any state, and the act would eventually crumble in its entirety.

      After New Jersey claimed its win over PASPA, states began to follow. West Virginia had already been banned by PASPA, which wouldn’t be lifted until May of 2018. Great news for them, though, that was around the time New Jersey was able to legalize sports betting. West Virginia had a great idea and created a bill of their own, the West Virginia Lottery Sports Wagering bill. This bill allowed them to shoe in sports betting when PASPA inevitably failed.

      Current Status and Legal Age of sports betting in West Virginia

      The status of sports betting in West Virginia is legal. Not only is it legal, but it’s also encouraged considering all the options available to you. West Virginia had some mountains to climb, though, even with the legalization of sports betting in the state. One of their biggest problems was they didn’t have very many casinos to plant sportsbooks in. The way they made up for it was by getting online gambling legalized in the state. 

      They found a solution with BetLucky, an online betting platform that took the state’s first online bet in December of 2018. Without having the same casino options as Nevada or New Jersey, BetLucky was a saving grace for West Virginia. Unfortunately, that partnership came to a close in March of 2019 when BetLucky was shut down. West Virginia had to live without an online sportsbook for a while until the giants FanDuel, and DraftKings stepped in.

      The legal age of sports betting in West Virginia is 21, which they’ll verify when registering. One thing that West Virginia is doing differently than other states is the allowance of betting on esports. There are regulations on this though, as anyone participating in the sport has to be over the age of 18. That goes for sports outside of esports as well, so no betting on high school games.  Please review the latest ammendement to the sports wagering laws of West Virginia.

      Top 3 land-based casinos with a sportsbook inside

      There is a sure-fire way to be successful in sports betting, and that way is having plenty of options. By having more options available to bettors, you give yourself and them and real opportunity to make money. West Virginia might not have all the casinos like Las Vegas or New Jersey, but they made sure to bring some options to the state. 

      Here’s a list of our top three land-based casinos with sportsbooks in West Virginia:

      Mountaineer Casino in New Cumberland: With tons of comfortable seating available for the guests, the Mountaineer Casino is dedicated to comfort. They have a huge video wall as well, so you won’t miss a minute of the game. Operated by William Hill, one of the largest betting platforms in the US, the Mountaineer Casino sportsbook is a must-visit.

      Additional Casinos

      Hollywood Casino in Charlestown: This is a casino that, on the way in, will remind you of a blockbuster movie. As a newly built casino with a brand new sportsbook, bettors will get more than they ask for here. They also have their own online betting, so fans of home betting won’t have to leave the comfort of their couch after signing up. 

      Mardi Gras Casino in Cross Lanes:  The Betly sportsbook inside of Mardi Gras Casino is one of the easiest and fastest ways to bet in West Virginia. They have five kiosks located throughout the sportsbook to place bets at. Or you could visit the cage and have one of their friendly staff members help you. 

      Remember, these aren’t the only available options for you when placing bets in sportsbooks in West Virginia. Make sure to check if there are any sportsbooks located in your area, and be sure to visit them as well. BParlay also recommend reviewing some of our spread betting strategies to help with your general sports betting knowledge.

      Online sports betting locations

      We’ve already listed one location that has the online capability, but there are actually a couple of others that are worth mentioning. Online betting locations are online sportsbooks that have partnered with a particular casino. Unfortunately, West Virginia doesn’t have very many casinos, yet, but they’ve been able to make friends with some key players. The BParlay Betting Guide for West Virginia has been put together to cover these areas.

       As of today, these are the sports betting locations with online partners located in the state of West Virginia:

      • The Greenbrier – FanDuel
      • Hollywood Casino – BetMGM & DraftKings

      Top 5 Betting Sites in West Virginia

      Betting sites and applications are a great way to engage more players. West Virginia showed their dedication and adaptability by becoming the first state to legalize online betting. With more sites being added frequently, make sure you stay up to date on the ones available to you. For now, here’s our list of the top five betting sites in West Virginia:

      1. MyBookie

      MyBookie: MyBookie has slowly become a household name in sports betting, and they’re also one of the most popular sites in West Virginia. It’s no wonder with all the offers they give bettors. The biggest draw that brings in more bettors to the platform is their rewards programs. Although most online platforms offer some sort of rewards, MyBookie sets itself apart from the rest. By placing bets you can earn points that translate to rewards for you. Those rewards can come in the shape of different prizes that MyBookie has available to bettors. For some of the savvy bettors that have a hand in cryptocurrency, you’ll love using MyBookie. MyBookie decided to cater to Bitcoin holders by offering their best welcome bonus. The bonus is that if you bet with Bitcoin they will double your first five deposits. If you have any Bitcoin around, this might be a good way to “double down” on your winnings. 

      2. WagerWeb

      WagerWeb: This is another popular betting site in the state of West Virginia, and again it’s due to the offers. WW potentially gives the largest bonus out of all the betting sites in West Virginia. Couple that with an easy-to-use interface that customers really enjoy, and it’s easy to see why Wager Web has become a favorite. This site also has a ton of esports options, so those looking to make money on the trend sweeping the nation can cash in. Although you may not have heard of them, anyone in West Virginia knows that you’ll get the best deposit offers through this platform. While some places give you minimal signup bonuses, WagerWeb gives up to $1000 as a bonus. There are always promotions running through this platform as well, so you’ll always have a chance to win. Be sure if you’re planning on betting in West Virginia that you give this site a chance. 

      Please see the additional betting site reviewa for the betting guide for West Virginia below:

      3. BetOnline

      BetOnline: Another household name making the list of best sports betting sites in the state of West Virginia. They are sure to take care of each of their customer’s needs and provide them with a level of service that you can’t find anywhere else. Not only that, but they also access early odds, giving you a chance to get in quickly. BetOnline is great for bettors that want to get in on the action early. They are a top-three sportsbook in the entire US, which means they’re doing something right. Much like WagerWeb, BetOnline offers plenty of promotions in the form of bonuses. There are signup bonuses and bonuses if you use Bitcoin to place your bets. If you’re looking for a nationally known site to place your bets, BetOnline is the place for you. 

      4. Bovada

      Bovada: This is a favorite among bettors in the United States, mainly due to its reputation. They have stuck around for so long because they know how to cater to their players, something other sites struggle with. Unfortunately, Bovada doesn’t offer too many rewards, which is something we see changing in the near future. More than anything, Bovada is reliable and treats its players with respect.  They even have how-to videos that can help you get started on betting, making sure you’re doing it correctly. That’s the kind of customer care  Bovada can bring to your betting experience. Considering plenty are still doing their betting online instead of visiting sportsbooks, Bovada is definitely a viable option.  

      5. SportsBetting This website is last on our list because it’s not the most user-friendly site to use. It will require a lot of knowledge to navigate the website due to so many options which can scare users away. Ideally, will start to simplify their website, making it easier for bettors to use, and then it would be higher on our list. are one of the larger online sportsbooks in West Virginia so keep that in mind. They offer reduced juice specials if that’s something you’re looking for. In addition they have a solid rewards program, making it easy for players to redeem their points. Another feture is that they have a multitude of different sports to bet on, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Esports is also on their platform for bettors looking to capitalize on the next esports championship. Were it not for their cluttered website, would likely rank much higher on our list. 

      Betting Guide for West Virginia Gambling Interior

      Most Popular Sports to bet on in West Virginia

      West Virginia doesn’t have many sports teams, but they do love betting on college football.

      Here’s a list of the most popular sports to bet on in the state:

      • NCAAF
      • NFL
      • NCAAB
      • MLB
      • NBA
      • Soccer
      • NASCAR
      • Golf
      • Tennis

      FAQ’s  – Betting Guide for West Virginia:

      How many casinos operate in West Virginia?

      Currently, there are seven operating casinos in West Virginia.

      How old do I have to be to place a sports bet?

      You have to be at least 21 years old to place a sports bet in West Virginia.

      Is online betting legal?

      Yes, online betting is legal and active in West Virginia.

      When did sports betting become legalized in the state?

      In May of 2018, sports betting was legalized in West Virginia.

      Can I visit any sportsbook location?

      Yes, there are no regulations against you visiting whichever sportsbook seems right for you. 

      We hope that the Betting Guide for West Virginia has provided some useful information for everyone who reads it.

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