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DraftKings Sportsbook: How To Sign Up, Deposit & Start Betting

DraftKings Sportsbook Provides Great User Experience

The long-time Daily Fantasy Sports leader has entered the online sportsbook arena.

One of the two major players in the Daily Fantasy Sports world, DraftKings entered the sports betting arena this past summer when the Supreme Court overturned the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. New Jersey quickly passed legislation regulating sports betting in NJ, and companies from all over worked as quickly as possible to get their licenses and offerings in order to start accepting bets.

DraftKings Sportsbooks did just that, launching its sports wagering platform in August. DraftKings Sportsbook operates under the Resorts Casino license for its online sports betting platform.

Because it already had a huge base of subscribers and players in the Daily Fantasy Sports world, and because it already had a huge mobile-first presence in the industry, DraftKings was able to quickly roll out impressive features and functionality for its newly-created sportsbook.

In this article, we’ll run you through a step-by-step breakdown of the DraftKings Sportsbook user experience, from navigating the site on desktop and mobile versions, how to sign up for an account, how to make a deposit, and how to place a bet.

Signing Up for an Account at DraftKings Sportsbook

The first thing you need to do to place a sports wager in the DraftKings Sportsbook, naturally, is to sign up for an account. You can do this by either visiting their website or by downloading their mobile app in the App store for Apple devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

DraftKings Sportsbook is currently offering a sign-up bonus of $500 and thanks to our partnership, you’ll be able to snag this promotion. They will match your first bet up to $500, to be used within 30 days of your first bet. This can be claimed by visiting our special DraftKings Sportsbook sign-up bonus page. 

When you visit the page, you will have to allow the browser you are using to recognize your location. This will be done through a pop-up window in your browser. You need to allow geo-location because you are only allowed to place a bet on DraftKings Sportsbook if you are physically in the state of New Jersey.

DraftKings sign-up page
DraftKings Sign Up Page

Once, you’re on that page and have enabled geo-location, click the “Sign Me Up” button in the middle of the page. This will take you to a new page where you have to enter a username, email, password, your location and date of birth. Once you click on the box to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, and that you are at least 18 years of age, you can click the green “Sign Up” button below.

Once that’s done, the site will check your location to ensure once again that you are physically in the state of New Jersey. When you sign in for the first time, a pop-up window will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen, giving you a place where you can go for helpful tips before you get started if you’re new to sports betting on DraftKings Sportsbook.

If you click on the question mark in the bottom right corner of your screen, a window will appear that will allow you to explore further topics such as Understanding Odds, How to Place a Bet, Glossary of Betting Terms, and Live Betting. This is a great tool for those of you who are new to sports betting in general and want to get up to speed on all the rules, regulations and terminology.

Making A Deposit On DraftKings Sportsbook

draftkings deposit page
DraftKings Deposit Page

Once you have signed up for an account, it’s time to deposit some money so you can start placing wagers and, hopefully, making money. On the desktop version of the site, there will be a green “Deposit” button in the top right corner underneath your profile name. Clicking that button will bring you to a new page with all your deposit options.

On this page, DraftKings Sportsbook will give you easy access to select an amount you want to deposit. While they have provided you with quick options for selecting $25, $100, $250 and $600, you can also click the Other box and enter any amount you wish. The minimum deposit allowed is $5 and the maximum deposit allowed is $2,000.

The DraftKings Sportsbook provides a few different options for depositing money into your account. They are:

• Visa/Mastercard

• Bank Transfer

• PayPal

• Skrill

• Play+ Prepaid Card

The Visa/Mastercard option will allow you to fund your account directly from a debit or credit card that has the Visa or Mastercard logo. The Bank Transfer option will allow you to fund your account by entering your bank’s checking or savings account routing number and account number. You’ll also need to enter your date of birth and log into your bank account using your bank credentials to verify it’s you.

Banking Instructions

One thing to note on these two options are that, even though sports betting is legal in New Jersey, your banking institution may still deny your deposit. Some institutions still don’t accept charges that fund online gaming or gambling of any kind. If your bank rejects your deposit to DraftKings Sportsbook, you may have to opt for one of the third-party options available:

• PayPal is one of the world’s leading e-wallets.

• Skrill is an online payment solution where you sign up for an account and send money directly via your bank account.

• Play+ Prepaid Card is a prepaid account you fund and then use to pay with. Once you sign up for an account, you are sent a card in the mail that can be used online or wherever Discover cards are accepted.

Wager At DraftKings Sportsbook

Once your deposit has been accepted and is into your account, it’s time to do your research and make a wager! Again, this can be done in one of two ways – either right from the desktop version of the site or on a mobile device using the DraftKings Sportsbook app.

On the desktop version, the available games to bet on are listed at the top toolbar by sport. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be making a bet in the National Hockey League. Once you click on the league you want to place a bet on, you will be taken to a page that lists all of the games that are scheduled to be played that day. For the NHL, DraftKings Sportsbook also lists games and lines that are scheduled to be played tomorrow and the day after that.

DraftKings NHL games
DraftKings NHL games

On the main NHL page, there are three tabs:

• Game Lines, which provides available wagers for both teams on the Puck Line for 60minutes, Total Goals for 60 minutes and a Money Line for overtime and the penalty shootout.

• Player Props, which allows you to pick the particular player who will score the first goal, score the last goal, or score at all.

• Game Props, with questions such as “will the home team score first and win the match?”

Once you have decided on a wager you want to place, simply click on the box for that wager. Your wager will then become highlighted, and a Bet Slip will be generated on the right-hand part of the screen. Next, simply type in your bet amount. The Bet Slip will then generate a potential payout and allow you to finalize your wager by clicking the green “Place Bet” button. Once you click Place Bet, the Bet Slip will confirm that your bet has been placed and sum up the details of your wager.

DraftKings mobile app
DraftKings Mobile App

The process is similar through the mobile app as well. Once you’ve signed on there and the app has determined your location, you can place bets by selecting the “A-Z Sports” button at the bottom of the app, navigating to the sport of your choice, selecting the line you want to wager on, and then choosing the dollar amount.


The DraftKings Sportsbook provides a great user experience. It is very, very simple to sign up for an account, make a deposit, navigate to all the available wagers and place your bet. One of the great parts about the DraftKings Sportsbook is that the company was already heavily involved in the Daily Fantasy Sports world and in mobile gaming. As a result, the DraftKings Sportsbook mobile app is fast, clean and easy to use.

For those of you who were already playing Daily Fantasy Sports through DraftKings, the sign-up process will be very simple. Your DFS account will be able to be used for your sportsbook account with DraftKings, and you’ll be able to make deposits and withdrawals into each offering without having to sign into and out of multiple accounts. The DraftKings name was already very reputable in the industry, and since it has partnered with Resorts Casino as its land-based partner, that provides extra comfort and security for those who are interesting in placing sports wagers online in New Jersey.