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How we make our NHL Parlay Picks

It’s no easy task creating a winning NHL parlay but that’s what we do and have been doing for many years! Don’t get me wrong, we are not going to win everyday but over the course of the season we will end in a healthy profit.

On average our parlays will consist of 4 teams (legs) and will return odds of +700.

This means we only need to win 1 parlay out of 7 to break even and anymore gives us a nice profit.

Best NHL Parlay Picks

So, you are here for the very best NHL parlay picks? That’s what we are here to do and only put out our very best picks to the community. We have been doing this for over 10 years and success rates are getting better.

As well as picks we love to educate so you can become better at picking your own winning parlays. It’s a great feeling when you win a big parlay and it honestly makes us so happy when we pick a winner for the bparlay community.

NHL Picks and Parlays

All our picks are parlays. We are a parlay community so that is what we give you.

The NHL is an awesome league to bet parlays on and it’s the league we have had the most success with over the past 4-5 years. Fair to say it’s probably our favourite right now.

We will most like include bets on the Moneyline, Puck Line and Total Goals. These are the main 3 markets and we normally don’t struggle to find value with these.

NHL Expert picks

I would say that we are considered experts in NHL parlay betting. This is our thing and what we specialise in. Our years of experience and love for the sport provides us with an incredible edge that money can’t buy.

NHL Free Picks

Our picks are totally FREE! Yes that’s right, we do not charge and have a great record. We just want to build a huge community and win together.

We have an email sign up and it’s here where we send you our top picks. Make sure you sign up and get involved!


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      • Are u super confident bout this parlay brother?!

          • Come on bro I need the hit! Losing money! I hope this is it!

          • WINNER!!!! There you go bro

  4. Yeaaaaaaaaa my boy this the 4 sure hitter?!

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  6. Aye u put these out early this gotta be a good ticket!

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  12. Damn not even a hockey ticket bro?!


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