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By Jacob Johnson | Published On: Sep 3 2021

How to Parlay at BetMGM

How to Parlay at BetMGM

Learn How to Parlay at BetMGM with

Parlay bets are extremely popular among sports bettors, as they have the potential to yield huge payouts for bettors. At BetMGM, there are several ways to place parlay wagers that range from easy to so easy that they are done automatically. Here, we will break down all of the parlay betting options that exist at BetMGM sportsbook.

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How to Place a Parlay Bet at BetMGM

To put together a parlay manually at BetMGM, bettors have to select the betting markets that they want to wager on. To do this, bettors can go to the sports they want to bet on and select the bets that they want to enter into their parlay. Once all selections are in a bettor’s betslip, they can select the parlay option, enter the amount that they want to risk on the parlay, and select Place Bet to finalize the wager.

At BetMGM, there is a massive series of betting combinations that bettors can put into parlays. They offer betting on sports like the NFL and MLB down to sports like cycling and obscure soccer leagues around the world. And while not every type of bet is accepted into parlays, such as combinations of prop bets in some cases, bettors are mostly limited by their imaginations when it comes to putting together a parlay.

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One Game Parlay

In a similar vein, bettors can put together a parlay featuring markets from the same game using the One Game Parlay feature at BetMGM. With this feature, bettors can combine traditional bets like the point spread or total into a parlay with a series of props from the same game. This type of parlay is great for bettors who are really interested in one individual sporting event and have the knowledge to bet both props and traditional bet types.

For example, let’s say that the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys are playing a game during the NFL season. With the One Game Parlay feature, bettors can wager on the point spread between those two teams, a wide receiver to reach 100 yards, a running back to score a touchdown, and one of the teams to score first in the game. All of those items can be parlayed, with bettors standing to make a large profit if all of those items pan out.

Parlay Builder

The parlay builder at BetMGM is a feature that attempts to make creating a parlay wager a little bit easier by consolidating where bettors have to navigate to in order to place a parlay bet. With the parlay builder, bettors can quickly click from sport to sport and can select whether they want to see point spread, moneyline, or total wagers. This allows bettors to assemble parlays more quickly, which is great in the event that a bettor wants to put a game into a parlay that is about to start.

Another positive with the parlay builder tool is that it does not include props or other exotic wager types. When putting parlays together, it is often better to stick with simpler betting markets, as every single leg of the parlay needs to win in order for the bet to cash. The fact that bettors are made to only use the more mainstream bet types could help some bettors avoid making mistakes with their parlays.

Parlay Generator

The final way to create a parlay at BetMGM is to use the parlay generator tool, which completely automates the parlay creation process. With the parlay generator, bettors enter a set of criteria that they want their parlay to include. From there, the generator does all of the work for them by selecting the legs of the parlay based on those criteria, with bettors able to quickly lock in their bet once those legs are chosen.

Among the criteria that bettors can select in the parlay, generator is whether bettors use spread, total and moneyline bets. They can also choose a range of odds that every leg of the parlay needs to fall into and the number of legs in the parlay. Those factors have a direct impact on what the odds for the parlay, and the potential payout for the parlay, will end up being after it is created.

It should be noted here that bettors are not obligated to bet on the parlay that is generated by the BetMGM parlay generator. Bettors should still do their research on the games that they will be including in their parlay and not agree to include any games that they find to be a bad bet. But for bettors who are just looking for a little fun in the form of a parlay that they don’t need to think about, this generator is a very useful tool. Why not take a look at some other useful guides, such as How to place a bet at BetMGM and the BetMGM Sign up guide.

BetMGM Parlay Betting Advice

The most important piece of advice for parlay betting at BetMGM and elsewhere is to do it sparingly. Parlays have the potential to deliver huge payouts, but they also are not a profitable play long-term because of the math involved with having to win multiple bets within one ticket. There is nothing wrong with betting parlays for fun once in a while, but bettors need to remember that they are not a sustainable profit center.

Also, bettors should try and place parlays with correlated outcomes when possible. For example, if you think that a running back is going to go over their rushing yards total, that could result in an under for another running back or wide receiver on that team.

Help with Parlay Bets at BetMGM

Bettors who are having trouble placing parlay wagers can get help 24 hours a day thanks to the round-the-clock customer service that is available at BetMGM. Bettors can get in touch with the support staff at this bookmaker around the clock via both email and live chat. Of course, the live chat functionality allows bettors to get instant answers to their questions, while email inquiries are typically resolved within a day.

For players who do not wish to communicate with customer service, BetMGM also has an extensive knowledge base on their site. There, bettors can look up the answers to the questions they have on their own.

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