best days to parlay bet NBA games

Finding The Best Days To Parlay Bet NBA Games

The NBA is great to Parlay bet as there are so many games each day and this is constant throughout the NBA...
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Super Bowl LIV Special Prop Bets

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paypal sportsbooks

NJ Sportsbooks That Accept PayPal

When it comes to easy depositing options with NJ sportsbooks you can't get much easier than using Paypal, however, only a few...
betting the +1.5 underdog

Be careful taking the underdog at +1.5

The puck line is one of the most tempting bets in NHL betting and in particular it's the underdogs that seem to...
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MLB Moneyline Betting

Moneyline Betting In MLB, games can be very open and go either way. This is especially the case since there...
mlb parlay betting guide

MLB Parlay Betting Guide

When it comes to parlay betting for MLB, as well as any other sport, it can be a lucrative proposition but can...
boom parlay

Boom Parlay

So our Boom parlay is a low-risk high return wager that has around 6-10 bets in it across any sport we like...
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College Football Picks

Free College Football Picks For Today Parlay Pick Best Site To Bet on College Football
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NFL Betting Strategies

With the NFL season just around the corner, we have some very interesting betting strategies that have been successful over recent years....
NFL pre-season 2019-20

NFL Pre Season Parlay Betting

Are you struggling to figure out who to side with in preseason NFL games? It's no easy task to find the winners...