By Jacob Johnson | Published On: Jun 30 2022

Three Team Parlay to win Championships


Much of the betting attention for sports bettors focuses on betting on individual sporting events, but that’s not the only option that is out there. Futures betting can actually be more profitable, especially if this is done in a parlay.

When it comes to futures betting, creating a parlay for which teams will win a specific championship is a great way to go. We have reached a quiet time for professional sports, but now is a great time to start looking ahead at the upcoming championships.

Here are three teams that should win their respective championships in the current or upcoming seasons, and creating this parlay will come with a big payout.

2022 World Series

Major League Baseball is a hard sport to predict as the best team isn’t always the one that wins the World Series. It’s all about teams that get hot at the right time, but there are some MLB teams this season that simply look much better than the rest.

The current future odds to win the World Series look like this for the top four teams:

  • New York Yankees +420
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +450
  • Houston Astros +600
  • New York Mets +700

You could easily make a case for all four of these teams to win the World Series as all of those rosters are full of talent. The New York Yankees are the favorites, and they have looked nearly unstoppable this season. The BParlay team have a useful MLB Parlay guide for our readers to learn more with.

The Yankees should roll through the regular season with the best record, and they will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. It’s another team from New York that you should be betting on, though, as the Mets are better suited for the playoffs.

The Mets have money to spend at the Trade Deadline, and that pitching staff is hard to ignore. Bet the New York Mets to win the 2022 World Series.

College Football Playoff

The College Football Playoff is how this sport crowns a national champion, but it’s not exactly a tournament for everyone. Only four teams make the CFP each year, and there is realistically only a couple of title contenders each year.

Four teams stand out above the pack in looking at the odds, and those teams are:

  • Alabama Crimson Tide +180
  • Ohio State Buckeyes +300
  • Georgia Bulldogs +350
  • Clemson Tigers +800

Georgia is the defending champion, knocking off Alabama in the title game a season ago. Ohio State and Clemson weren’t even in the CFP in 2021, but both programs don’t ever spend much time not on top.

You could look further down the list for an underdog option, but that’s just never a good play with this sport. One of these four teams is going to win the title, and its hard to look past Alabama.

Even though the Crimson Tide (+180) won’t offer a huge payout, this is still the best way to go with this type of parlay. Other ncaa basketball parlays are available to review witht the BParlay guides.

Super Bowl LVII

The final championship to look at when putting together a parlay is the Super Bowl. This is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and you’ll get a great return regardless of what team you decide to wager on.

The Buffalo Bills are the betting favorites at +650, with Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+750) and the Kansas City Chiefs (+900) next in the line. The defending champion Los Angeles Rams are at +1100, and the Green Bay Packers are at +1200.

This does not feel like there is a year with a really dominant team, and all of the top teams appear to have some flows…except one. Buffalo got “cheated” out of a deep playoff run a season ago, and that is going to have them ready to go in 2022.

This is a situation in which the betting favorite is the best team, and taking the Bills at +650 to round out your parlay is the way to go. Dont forget the NBA Parlay picks are now live for our followers to enjoy!

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