Parlay Winner Grabs over $125K – Every sports bettor dreams of the day when he will see his parlay bet hit. While some bettors never live to see that day, others get lucky enough to do.

And then there are those who pocket big payouts not once but several times a year, proving they’re a special kind of breed of sports bettors. One sport betting enthusiast who has found himself in this group of lucky winners is Sean Klumpp, who saw his $126k 10-leg parlay hit on Monday night, thanks to Los Angeles Chargers’ 28-14 win over Los Angeles Raiders.

The secret behind his success? Letting it ride.

A 252-to-One Chance

Sports betting is not for the faint of heart, nor does it award those who don’t like taking risks. At least that’s what Sean’s story would lead you to believe after he refused to cash out his $500 NFL parlay, valued at $76,777 before the final match ended.

While collecting $76,777 from a $500 bet would definitely pay a couple of bills and make Sean a happy man, it was, in the end, listening to his wife that earned him an additional 49k.

As the Parlay Winner story goes, Sean placed a $500 bet on a 10-leg NFL parlay at odds of +25100. His ticket consisted of a mix of alternative spreads, moneylines, and player proposition bets.

Sean Klumpp’s NFL 10-leg parlay

  • Dallas Cowboys to defeat Carolina Panthers
  • Kansas City Chiefs to defeat Philadelphia Eagles
  • Atalanta Falcons +10.5 over Washington Football Team
  • New York Jets +10.5 over Tennessee Titans
  • Arizona Cardinals +14.5 over Los Angeles Rams
  • Jonathan Taylor to rush for 80+ yards + Indianapolis Colts to defeat Miami Dolphins
  • Russel Wilson to throw +2 touchdowns + Seattle Seahawks to defeat San Francisco 49ers
  • Aaron Rodgers to throw +2 touchdowns + Green bay Packers to defeat Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers to defeat New England Patriots
  • Los Angeles Chargers -3.0 over Las Vegas Raiders

To Cash Out or Not To Cash Out?

Shortly after Sean placed his 10-leg parlay, Ws started rolling in. Dallas Cowboys delivered against Carolina Panthers with a 36-28 victory, while the Kansas City Chiefs secured a convincing 42-30 win against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Atalanta Falcons showed up against Washington Football Team, and while they ended up losing (30-34), Sean couldn’t complain over the Falcons’ performance on the day. The other two outsiders in New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals did not disappoint either.

The Jets caused an upset against Tennesee Titans, who they beat 27-24. The Arizona Cardinals followed the trend and stunned the Los Angeles Rams with a 37-20 upset victory, helping Sean add another checkmark to his parlay.

But it didn’t stop there. Jonathan Taylor, Russel Wilson, and Aaron Rodgers all delivered with their player prop bets and carried their teams to victory, adding three more Ws to Sean Klumpp’s ambitious yet turning out to be a very plausible parlay.

Next up were Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who Sean backed at -290 to defeat the New England Patriots, but the game came down to the wire despite what the odds would suggest. The Bucks prevailed 19-17 when a 56-yard Patriots field goal attempt hit the uprights late in the game.  Learn more about this type of bet with the NFL betting learning resources and guide.

It was a close call, and a match Sean had admitted got him the most nervous.

Let It Ride – Parlay Winner

After hitting nine of his ten selections, Sean was offered a $45,200 cashout before Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders match would kick-off. Every rational man would seriously consider caching out at this point and guaranteeing a 90x payout.

However, sometimes in betting, you need to be a little crazy or listen to the advice of your spouse. For Sean, it was the latter that eventually earned him the once-in-a-lifetime payout.

Sean decided to keep his parlay play out as he watched Charges battle the Raiders. As minutes went by, Charges looked in control and secured a 21-0 lead, setting themselves up for a crucial win and giving Sean hope that he could end the day with $126k in his pocket.

Sitting in a sportsbook in French Lick, Indiana, Sean looked at his parlay, which presented him with a generous $76,777.77 cash out button. Then, as any sane man would do, Sean turned to his wife for advice and asked one question: Should I cash out or let it ride?

And the answer was very simple – “Let it Ride”

Not knowing how the game would play out, Sean’s wife, Mia, believed in Chargers. Or perhaps it was her faith in her husband’s ability to foresee the future after she already saw Sean hit a parlay in January, albeit for one-fifth of this size.

Either way, Sean made a wise decision listening to his wife on the day, as Chargers ended up beating the Las Vegas Raiders 28-14. By doing what many wouldn’t have dared to do and letting it ride, Sean collected an additional $49k.

So what does Sean’s story teach us?

Perhaps it’s that every bettor, no matter how big or small, will eventually see the day when he hits that one big parlay. Maybe Sean’s story teaches us to listen to our spouses when making tough life decisions or to always “let it ride” and let the universe decide whether today will be our lucky day.

We will never know the answer to that, but what we do know is that miracles do happen, and sometimes, letting the situation play out by itself is the best thing we can do. That’s how a Parlay Winner Grabs over $125K in 2021.