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By bparlay | Published On: Jun 25 2021

MLB Moneyline Guide to Betting

The Guru’s at have put together a Betting the MLB Moneyline Guide for our readers to enjoy.

This may seem strange, but baseball betting can be stressful. The slow nature of baseball can make betting very stressful. The moneyline is the simplest bet in baseball, and it helps minimize stress. This is because you only need one outcome to occur.

With the spread and over/under in baseball, you need a specific outcome to occur between two teams. The moneyline allows you to pick one team and root for them throughout the game. It’s the simplest and easiest wager to win.

Moneyline Example

The moneyline is when you wager a team straight up to win. The process of picking a team to win is not complicated, but you must understand how the odds work. A team with negative odds is a favorite, and a team with positive odds is an underdog.

The lower the odds, the more likely a team is to win and vice versa. Let’s look at an example.

The Yankees are facing the Rangers. New York has been dominant throughout the season and their ace, Gerrit Cole, is on the mound. Texas has a terrible record and is on a losing streak.

If this was the circumstance, New York could be -250 to win, and the Rangers could be +300. The thing to understand is that New York would have very low odds, and the Rangers would have high odds.

A $100 bet on -250 would win $40 and payout $140. A successful wager on the Rangers would yield $300 in winnings and a $400 payout.

Two competitive teams would have closer odds than the Yankees and Rangers. It’s important to find moneyline value so examine a sportsbook before placing a wager. Why not take a look at the list of teams on the MLB website for more details on which teams are in MLB.

When does the Moneyline Make Sense?

The moneyline makes sense a lot of the time in competitive matchups. Baseball is the game of failure, and great teams will still lose 60+ games in a season.

Let’s look back at the Yankees vs Rangers example. Taking the Yankees on the moneyline would not make sense. You would have to risk too much cash to receive any worthwhile amount.

A $10 bet on the Rangers would win the same amount as a $100 wager on the Yankees. The moneyline does not make sense to bet for heavy favorites. Although, underdogs have a ton of value on the moneyline.

A small bet on the Rangers can yield a nice payout. It’s risky, but the reward is much more substantial than wagering a heavy favorite.

MLB Moneyline Guide Tips

When you wager the moneyline, you want to pick the best team, so it can involve a lot of research. To make an educated bet, you need to look at the pitching matchups and the lineups in the game. BParlay have a dedicated page detailing the MLB with a handy MLB Betting Guide and more.

You also should look at the bullpen and how they have performed in the past few days. This is what handicappers do when betting MLB. They also look at past performances of teams, weather, and so much more.

If you spend time doing the necessary research, chances are you will be right more times than not for MLB betting.

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