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By Jacob Johnson | Published On: Jan 18 2022

Last Leg of $1.2M Parlay Winner – Georgia’s National Title

Last Leg of $1.2M Parlay Winner – A sports bettor from the state of Illinois got his 2022 off to a great start after hitting a five-leg parlay for a whopping $1.2 million. This bet was placed at PointsBet Sportsbook and that sports betting operator offered up a congratulations to the bettor. 

Marco Piemonte was the man that placed the wager with the massive payout. This isn’t the first time that he has made a wager on sports. Piemonte is someone that routinely bets on sports, and he offered up a $30,000 wager for this parlay.

The Elmhurst, Illinois native owns an auto dealership and just recently joined the PointsBet Sportsbook. Even though PointsBet has been working hard to obtain new customers in the Land of Lincoln, that sportsbook probably wishes that Piemonte would have stayed away. 

The Final Leg of the Parlay Bet

The final leg of the parlay was the Georgia Bulldogs knocking off the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Championship Game. Georgia was a slight 2.5-point favorite, but Piemonte played it safe and took them on the moneyline at -145.

Since this was such a massive bet.  Both Piemonte and PointsBet were keeping a close eye on the results as they were starting to payout. There were more than a few chances for Piemonte to cash out, but he continued to let it ride. 

PointsBet actually offered Piemonte a cashout option of $1 million when the Bulldogs took the fourth quarter lead. Piemonte said, “I won’t lie. I almost flinched and took the $1 million.”

The final odds of the five-leg parlay wager came in at +3923. In terms of wagers, this was not a massive bet.  But placing $30,000 on the parlay immediately made this a chance for a history payout. 

Johnny Aitken is the CEO of PointsBet USA and he acknowledged the massive win and offered a statement of congratulations. Aitken said, “We loved watching every minute of it.” Aitken continued by saying, “PointsBet’s mission is to deliver the best betting experience in the U.S. and when someone like Marco bets with our sportsbook, we know we are on the right track.”

Piemonte is known for putting together parlay wagers, and then shares those picks with his followers on Twitter. After this big win, Piemonte acknowledged that he was already looking to put together his next big bet. 

A Look at the Parlay Bet

There is always a big risk when putting together a five-team parlay.  And Piemonte definitely added some risk with the bets that he used as well. Taking some underdogs increased the potential payout that was available, and all of those upset picks ended up paying off for Piemonte.

The first four legs of this bet were all made on January 2 and featured games from the NFL. Two of the bets were live, while the other two games were traditional pre-game wagers. Learn more about these types of bets with the NFL Parlay guide.

Piemonte first started off the bet by taking the Los Angeles Rams +9.5 with odds set at -375. He then followed that bet up by taking the Cincinnati Bengals moneyline (+330) to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The final two games that Piemonte focused on with this wager were straight moneyline wagers. Piemonte took the Los Angeles Chargers -351 over the Denver Broncos.  And also took the Arizona Cardinals +240 at the Dallas Cowboys. 

Since all of these games took place on January 2.  Piemonte had more than a week to wait before the final game of the parlay to see if he would be a winner. It’s unclear if Piemonte hedged his bet to protect himself from a Georgia loss. What a great win, and a fantastic last leg of the $1.2M Parlay win.

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