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By Dan Thompson | Published On: Jan 24 2020

Finding The Best Days To Parlay Bet NBA Games

best days to parlay bet NBA games

The NBA is great to Parlay bet as there are so many games each day and this is constant throughout the NBA season.

In other sports such as football or soccer, you have to wait (sometimes) up to a week before you can get another bulk of games to parlay.

Even though there are games pretty much every day throughout the NBA season, there are days that have more games than others allowing us to pick a nice big parlay or give us more options to choose better games for our bet.

When does the NBA Season Begin?

The NBA season pre-season usually starts at the end of September or the beginning of October. Then the regular season kicks in around the end of October, so that’s a solid month of pre-season games to see how teams are playing and adjusting to their new players before the regular season and regular betting starts.

You can see specific dates via the Dates page.

When does the NBA Season Finish?

The regular NBA season ends around mid-April making way for the playoffs to begin.

The playoffs start with the Conference Semifinals and these will usually last just over a week. Once the teams have all advanced to the Conference Finals stage they can commence which is usually around Mid-May.

The NBA Finals will then host the two remaining teams and this will begin around Mid-June.

Below is a list of Key Dates for the 2020 NBA Season.

NBA Playoffs 2020 beginApril 19
Conference Semifinals beginApril 30 – May 1 (possible move up to April 28-29)
Conference Finals beginMay 15-16 (possible move up to May 13-14)
NBA Finals 2020 beginJune 5

How are the NBA Playoff teams decided?

All NBA Basketball teams are split into two leagues, The Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. The top eight teams from both of these leagues will qualify for the playoffs, so this gives us 16 teams in the NBA playoffs.

Each team will be seeded based on their season record and will be placed against a team from their Conference using the following format.

1st plays 8th
2nd plays 7th
3rd plays 6th
4th plays 5th

Each series throughout the playoffs will be decided on the best of seven games. The winning team (with the better record from their Conference games) will host the first, second, fifth and seventh games in each series whilst the lower-seeded teams will play the third, fourth and sixth games of the seven.

The winning teams from each conference will then meet the winning teams from the opposite conference. East meets West.

How can check which dates show the most NBA Games?

You can use free website to see how many games are played each day. Click on the link which will take you to a page listing all NBA games.

When you are on this page you can select individual dates just below the top menu and to the right side of this you will see the link ‘Calendar’. If you click on this it provides a pop up showing the number of games due to be played on each calendar day.

February 2020 NBA Games

The image above shows an example of February 2020 and show us how many games we can parlay on each day.

How many NBA games make up a good Parlay

In previous articles, we have stated that you should try to make a parlay bet of no more than 3-4 bets if you want a good chance of winning. This won’t give you as much profit as if you were to pick 6 teams in a parlay (the chance of winning does reduce with each extra bet you add though).

On the image above if you chose Thursday, Feb 13th you can win a parlay by betting on both games when there are only two games to choose from. There are limited options which means we may have to look into the props a bit more and see if the over/under or totals will provide us a better chance of winning.

On Wednesday, Feb 12th there are 11 games to choose from. This allows us to be a bit more picky with our games and can really narrow down what we think is a good bet to add to our parlay bet.

To read our previous article Winning Parlay Strategy click the link provided. This gives you tips on how to select your winning parlay.

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