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By bparlay | Published On: Aug 18 2021

Early Look at Super Bowl 56

superbowl 56 odds

Take an early look at the Super Bowl 56 with the BParlay free guide today!

The NFL season doesn’t get going until September 9th 2021, and as we wait for training camp to begin in July, it’s a great time to take a look at Super Bowl LVI odds.

The draft and free agency are in the rearview, and with rosters basically set, the teams we’ll be getting in 2021 are all but constructed.

Let’s look at current Super Bowl winner odds and pick out a few of our favorites. As is the case with futures, potential payouts are extremely enticing. 

At this time last season, Tampa Bay was +900 to win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 56 LVI Odds as of June 8

The odds start with the two teams who were in the Super Bowl this past season and ended with some of the worst teams from 2020.

Odds are courtesy of

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (+500)
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+650)
  3. Buffalo Bills (+1200)
  4. Los Angeles Rams (+1300)
  5. San Francisco 49ers (+1400)
  6. Baltimore Ravens (+1400)
  7. Green Bay Packers (+1600)
  8. Cleveland Browns (+1600)
  9. Seattle Seahawks (+2500)
  10. Denver Broncos (+2500)
  11. Indianapolis Colts (+2500)
  12. Tennessee Titans (+2500)
  13. Dallas Cowboys (+2800)
  14. New Orleans Saints (+2800)
  15. Miami Dolphins (+3000)
  16. New England Patriots (+3300)
  17. Los Angeles Chargers (+3300)
  18. Arizona Cardinals (+4000)
  19. Pittsburgh Steelers (+4000)
  20. Minnesota Vikings (+4000)
  21. Chicago Bears (+5000)
  22. Washington Football Team (+5000)
  23. Atlanta Falcons (+6000)
  24. New York Giants (+6600)
  25. Carolina Panthers (+7000)
  26. Las Vegas Raiders (+7000)
  27. Philadelphia Eagles (+7000)
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars (+8000)
  29. New York Jets (+10000)
  30. Cincinnati Bengals (+10000)
  31. Detroit Lions (+15000)
  32. Houston Texans (+16000)

What Moves Super Bowl Odds This Early?

Odds for bets like the Super Bowl so far away from the season are based on last season’s success, recent moves, and money bet on a team.

If a lot of money comes on one team, the odds for that team will move up. Take the Denver Broncos, for example. There is a lot of conjecture and rumors baked into their +2500 odds. With Aaron Rodgers wanting out of Green Bay, Denver has been the most popular team floated as a landing spot for the 2020 MVP. 

The Broncos had Super Bowl odds near +5000 before the draft and before these rumors started to circulate. Odds for future bets like this are very similar to that of the stock market. As more money is put into it, the price of a share will increase.

The Titans also saw their odds increase with the recent addition of Julio Jones via trade. Before the acquisition, Tennessee’s Super Bowl odds were +4000. With Jones on the team, they’ve jumped to +2500. BParlay recommend NBA point spread picks as an alternative type of sports betting.

Favorite Super Bowl LVI Bets – Super Bowl 56

Putting even a couple of low-stake bets down on Super Bowl futures can be a fun way to stay invested in multiple teams’ success throughout the season. Diversifying and spreading small bets increases your likelihood of successfully betting the Super Bowl winner.

Denver Broncos +2500

We’ll start with the aforementioned Broncos. This bet is a bet on Rodgers being traded to Denver, but if he is – don’t expect to get this bet at these odds. 

Rodgers would immediately catapult Denver to one of the favorites to win. Denver had one of the best defenses in the entire NFL last season and has a loaded wide receiver room that Rodgers would thrive with.

Cleveland Browns +1600

Winning in the NFL starts in the trenches, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better offensive and defensive line than Cleveland’s. Their offensive line, in particular, was one of the NFL’s best last season, paving lanes for one of the league’s most potent rushing attacks.

Star defensive end Myles Garrett will be joined by Jadeveon Clowney this season, making one of the most explosive pass-rushing duos in the league.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650

While not as exciting to bet one of the favorites – Tampa Bay feels like an exception. The Buccaneers are the first Super Bowl champions in NFL history to return all 22 starters from the year prior.

No team has repeated as champs since the 2004 New England Patriots. A quarterback by the name of Tom Brady was on that team and may just know what it takes to get it done with Tampa Bay in a wide-open NFC. Why not watch the games live on the Official NBA Video services.

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