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By bparlay | Published On: Sep 8 2021

Betting MLB Run Line Guide

Betting MLB RUN LINE Guide

Welcome to the Betting MLB Run Line guide.

The run line in MLB is a difficult bet to win because many things need to go your way. However, the run line gives you a lot of value when a moneyline wager does not make sense. The run line is betting for a team to win or be within a certain amount.

The most common run line wager is the one at the end of a game. However, there are alternate run lines that you can bet throughout a contest.

Run Line Examples

The run line is baseball’s version of the spread. It’s the same as the puck line in hockey betting. The run line will always be -1.5 for one team +1.5 for the other in an MLB contest.

If you are taking the favorite to cover, they must win by two runs. The minus indicates more than in run line wagering.

If you liked the underdog to cover, you would take the team that is listed at +1.5. There is value in underdog run line betting because the team does not have to win. The + sign in run line wagering means be within. Therefore, if you took the Red Sox at +1.5 against the Yankees, they must lose by one or win for your bet to hit.

Additionally, each line will have odds attached to determine your winnings on a specific wager. These vary depending on the matchup. The favorite could have positive or negative odds to cover on the run line. The same concept applies to underdogs.  Learn more about MLB Point Spread with the guide.

According to a sportsbook, positive odds will give you a larger return because you are placing a riskier wager. Negative odds are more likely to occur, so you will not benefit as severely.

When Does the Run Line Have Value?

Run lines have the most value when you are betting MLB favorites. This is because a favorite on the moneyline could be -200, which would win half your risk amount. However, the same team in the run line could be -110.

A $100 wager on -200 wins $50. A $100 wager on -110 wins $90.91. If you are willing to take a chance on a team winning by more than a run, this wager could benefit your payout.

The run line has no value with underdogs. Underdogs have value on the spread in football and basketball because lines change for every game. In baseball, the line is always + or -1.5. If a team is a heavy dog, the chance that they will be within one run after nine innings is minimal.

Betting MLB Run Line Extra Research

The research process for run-line betting is like all MLB wagers. You want to do as much pregame studying as you can, so you place the best wager possible.

It’s beneficial to look at previous scores because this will tell you if a team blows their opposition off the field or keeps games close. Record is not as important as score margin for run line research.

Previous matchups between teams are also a good indicator for run line wagers. If you put the pregame research into contests, you will be successful for run line wagers.

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