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By bparlay | Published On: Aug 23 2021

Betting MLB Over / Unders Guide

Betting MLB Over Under Guide

Welcome to the brand new Betting MLB Over / Unders Guide page.

Many bettors do not take advantage of Major League Baseball betting. MLB is one of the best sports to wager because of the season length. In baseball markets, there is a lot of value in total wagers.

What is Totals Betting?

Did you know that Totals can be wagered in any sports arena, but it’s often overlooked in baseball. Betting totals is a fancy way of saying you are taking the over/under. Sportsbook will give a total number representing the number of runs based on the bookie’s calculation.

A bettor must decide if the total runs in the game will go over or under this number. There is a primary total for the number of runs in the entire game for both teams. Sportsbooks will also post team totals that you can wager.

In some cases, sportsbooks will post totals by innings. Bookies may also incorporate totals for prop bets like hits or strikeouts. An example of this would be “Tyler Glasnow over/under8.5 strikeouts.”

However, the primary total is when you choose over or under for the number of runs between two teams. If you are looking to learn more about MLB betting, take a look at our free MLB Parlay guide.

MLB Totals Betting Example

Bookmakers set a total based on the offenses and defenses that are competing. Two weak offenses may have a low total, and there is value in these numbers. On the other hand, high-powered offenses will probably have a high total assigned from a sportsbook.

MLB totals usually range from 6.5 up to 10.5, but this varies by the book. Here is an example of an MLB total.

The New York Yankees are playing the Tampa Bay Rays. Tyler Glasnow is pitching for Tampa Bay, and Gerrit Cole is throwing for New York. These are two of the best pitchers in the game, so the total will be low.

Betting MLB Over / Unders Knowledge

The sportsbook you are betting on lists the total at 7.5. You must choose over or under this total to wager the total. For example, if seven runs were scored, the under would hit. If eight runs crossed the plate, the over would be successful.

You will also find totals that are whole numbers. For example, a different sportsbook could list this same total at eight runs. This is where line shopping is critical because you will be able to find the best market to win.   

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When Does Betting Totals Make Sense?

Total betting can be difficult because it requires a lot of research. Choosing a straight-up winner is easy compared to totals. However, there is a vast amount of value with totals wagering.

There are a few times when totals bets have value.

  • If the teams competing have apparent strengths or weaknesses.
  • Or if a pitching matchup is weak or strong.
  • And if a team is on a hot or cold streak at the plate.

These tips help you make an educated decision for totals wagering. Weak offenses usually yield an under, but potent offenses are likely to surpass the total. These are things that you must determine before placing a wager.

Often the worst time to wager a total is when there is uncertainty. For example, when teams are inconsistent, you do not want to wager the over. For example, if a team has a pattern that you cannot track, do not bet a total.

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