How to Place a Bet on the MLS at Sugarhouse Sportsbook

So if you’re new to Sugarhouse Sportsbook or even just thinking of joining then you may want to know how to place a bet on an MLS game. If so then you have come to the right place as I talk you through step by step where to click and how to place a bet on an MLS game.

Joined/Logged In

Ok, so you have just logged in or joined Sugarhouse Sportsbook and you are now on the home page. Check out the blue column on the left listing all countries and sports. The MLS will usually be listed in the ‘Popular’ list during the season so should be viewable without opening any tabs along with NBA, MLB, NHL, and other popular events.

If MLS is not listed here then scroll down to ‘Sports’ click ‘Soccer’ then ‘USA’ then MLS.

Note: If your game has kicked off then you will find it by clicking the Yellow ‘Live Right Now’ button on the top left of the screen.

This will open up the Live & Upcoming tab in the middle of the screen. This will list all the games in the MLS in date order. The first few tabs should already be open allowing you to see the games and their odds for the home win, draw and away win on the right-hand side whilst on the left you will see the day and time of kick off with the two teams playing. The tabs that are closed will show as dark blue with the date on the left and number of games on that day on the right. Once you click the tab it opens up to show you the games and their odds.

As I mentioned Sugarhouse Sportsbook auto show you the Live & Upcoming matches in the league that you click on (for us, MLS) however if you want to see a different soccer competition then you can click on the ‘All Soccer’ button that is next to Live & Upcoming and in a light grey color. Once you click this you will see all soccer competitions and leagues.

Viewing Odds for Individual Games

If you now click on an individual game you will be taken to a different page with ‘Most Popular’ bet offers showing first. The different tabs for each game will be listed as:

  • Most Popular
  • Goal Scorer
  • Full Time
  • Half
  • 3-Way Spread
  • Asian Lines
  • Corners
  • Cards
  • Player Goals
  • Player Cards
  • Scorecast/Wincast
  • Game Props

I’m not going to talk through all of these in this post so I will write another post in the future about what each of the above titles mean and can provide you in betting terms.

I will discuss the ‘Most Popular’ tab that is already open when you arrive at this page though.

The options in the Most Popular tab are:

  • Full Time
  • Total Goals
  • BTTS (Both Teams To Score)
  • Double Chance
  • Correct Score

Full Time

Here you are betting on the outcome of the game at the final whistle. The first box on the left is the home team to win, the box in the middle is for the game to finish a tie (no outright winner) and the box on the right is the away team to win. You will see the Sportsbooks odds for each outcome in each box.

Total Goals

This is classed as the Over/Under bet, you may see this as O/U when Sportsbooks or experts provide you picks. This is the total goals in the game.

Underneath the Over and Under boxes you will see a line with a circle on it. You can move this circle across the line to change the total goals figures. Sugarhouse Sportsbook will set the line however you can move this to add more or fewer goals. The odds will change when you do this.

If you prefer not to mess around trying to land the circle on the exact place you want on the line then you can open up a list view by pressing the button underneath the line titled ‘Show List View’ This will provide you with all the Over and Under outcomes and their odds.

Both Teams To Score

I don’t need to explain this in much detail as it is self explanatory. Do you think both teams will score at least one goal in the game, yes or no.

Double Chance

This bet allows you to cover two of the possible three outcomes in the game of soccer. In this bet you will see 1, X and 2.

  • 1- Home Win
  • X- Tie
  • 2- Away Win

So if you click on the box ‘1X’ then you are betting that the home team will win or the game will be a tie.

Correct Score

If you have a gut feeling that you know what the finishing score will be between the two teams then you can place this bet here by clicking on a number under each team name. So if you thought the home team is going to win 3-1 then you click ‘3’ under the home team name and ‘1’ under the away team name. If you think it will be a tie then just pick the same number for both teams.

Once again if you would prefer to see the full list for yourself then you can click on ‘Show List View’.

Pre Game Stats

In the middle of the screen to the right of the list we have just gone through you will see some basic stats which include the form of each team and a head-to-head list showing recent games between the two teams and the scoreline.

Suagrhouse Sportsbook Betting Slip

Whilst you have been clicking on the bets you like the look of you may have noticed the betting slip pop up on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This will show you each bet that you have clicked.

The ‘Place Bet’ button will not become active until you place the amount of cash you want to wager in the light grey box next to the bet. Once you decided the amount to wager and entered it into the box just mentioned then the ‘Place Bet’ button will light up green and you will see on the left of the betting slip the ‘Potential Payout’ amount in Gold. This is the amount you will receive if the bet wins.

Parlay Betting

If you choose more than one bet then the bet slip will split into three columns at the top showing you:

  • Singles
  • Parlay
  • Round Robins

When you click ‘Parlay’ you can enter your wager in the white box underneath the bets and it will show you the total odds for your combined bets with the potential payout.

I hope this post helps you to place your MLS bet with ease and you enjoy betting with Sugarhouse Sportsbook.

Click the link in this paragraph if you want to know more about placing a Parlay bet with Sugarhouse Sportsbook.