superbook westgate las vegasIf the rumors are true, SuperBook and SuperContest could be coming to New Jersey.

The SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas is the largest sportsbook in the world. It features a huge 350-seat capacity area and a 220-foot by 18-foot video wall, making it an attraction for any sports bettor visiting Las Vegas.

What the SuperBook might be best known for is its SuperContest, a season-long NFL betting contest that seeks to prove who the best bettor on NFL games is. The contest costs $1,500 to enter, and each contestant must pick five games against the spread during each week of the NFL season.

The SuperContest has grown substantially in recent years, starting with 342 entrants in 2007 and reaching 2,748 last year, with the top prize in 2017 earning more than $1 million. This year, the top prize should be even more, with entrants reaching close to 4,000.

The SuperContest pays the top 100 finishers, giving plenty of contestants the opportunity to cash in. The bad news for most of the sports betting world is that to enter the SuperContest, you must either live in the state of Nevada or designate a local proxy who can make your selections for you in person each week.

But that may all change in the near future, with possible expansion into the New Jersey sports betting market.

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Is the SuperBook Coming to New Jersey?

The Westgate hasn’t made an official announcement on the topic yet, but some media outlets have reported that the Westgate plans to expand its betting operations to casinos outside of Nevada. This could make the SuperBook an outside operator similar to what William Hill is doing in sportsbooks in New Jersey.

If Westgate does expand the SuperBook, it would only be natural to assume that New Jersey would be high on its list of places to go. Not every casino in Atlantic City has a sportsbook partner just yet, and more sportsbook operators could get in on the action.

If the rumors do become official, the Westgate is expected to expand its SuperContest beyond just Las Vegas. That means New Jersey sports bettors could have a way to join in on the fun and prove that they are the best NFL bettors around. The Westgate would likely offer a separate SuperContest to New Jersey sportsbooks, as combining the two states’ offerings would prove difficult with current laws.

However, a separate SuperContest in New Jersey could prove fruitful to the Westgate and to sports bettors in New Jersey. The company is already looking into creating a separate mobile app for the SuperContest in Nevada, and the same could come true if it expands to New Jersey, providing even more online sportsbook offerings in the Garden State.