Weekly NFL Parlays and What to Look for When Creating one.

The National Football League is the pinnacle of sports betting, and the season is in full effect. Week three is almost here, and things are starting to play out throughout the league. Team identities are beginning to develop, which makes bettors’ lives easier.

Parlay betting is very popular for football, and this is why we focus on it at Bparlay. Parlays are great because you do not have to risk a lot of money to win big. Parlays are tougher to win, but there are a few things you should look at to raise your winning percentage.

Here are the things you should look at when creating your weekly NFL parlays.

Heavy Favorites

The NFL has turned into a sport with heavy favorites on the money line. There is no value in betting a team at -800 on the money line because this is far from a lock.

In the NFL, any team can win on any given day. It’s unlikely that a team that is that heavy of a favorite will lose, but it’s possible. To win money on odds this low, you must wager thousands of dollars. This turns a heavy favorite into a very risky wager.

However, heavy favorites have a lot of value in parlays. If you combine a lot of heavy favorites into a parlay, it will raise the odds. This will make it safe to bet a decent amount of money on favorites.

Value Underdogs

When placing Weekly NFL Parlays, it’s tempting to get caught up in the odds and payout. Any team can win on any given day, but do not bet all underdogs and expect to win. If you take every underdog during the weekly slate, you will lose your money.

Your betting slip may show you have a chance to receive thousands in winnings. However, a parlay with all underdogs is giving free money to the sportsbook. If you want to take this approach, only risk a small amount.

During the weekly NFL slate, there are value underdogs. Value underdogs are the team with positive odds that have a solid chance to win. These are great teams to include in NFL parlays because they will make your parlay more likely to hit. Take a look at the BParlay.com NFL Week 2 Picks and NFL Week 3 Picks for some inspiration.

Teams with Momentum

Momentum is necessary to win in the NFL. If you are not betting on teams with momentum, it could hurt your parlays. For example, if a team does not have the best record but has played well recently, it’s worth including this group in your parlay. Keep upto date with the BParlay.com Weekly NFL Parlays with our new blog.

Momentum trumps talent in many cases, so do not ignore it when you are breaking down a game.

Value Within a Sportsbook

Sports betting is hard, but all books have bets that hit every week. The house does not always have to win if you study a sportsbook. It’s important to break down the on-field talent in a game, but you cannot forget about the betting markets.

You must use the on-field talent within the betting markets to place the correct bets. Sometimes, a prop may be better than wagering a spread or money line in a game. Props are a phenomenal way to win because they rely on one player or a group to perform.

The smaller the sample size, the higher chance you have of your bet hitting. Do not forget about the markets on the sportsbook outside of the money line, spread, and total.


The final thing you need to remember to crush your NFL parlays is the NFL injury report. Football is a physical game, and if you do not look at injuries, it could cost your winning ability. One player does make a difference in football.

If an offensive lineman is injured, it will hurt a quarterback’s play. Obviously, people are aware of the major injuries, but sometimes unknown players make a difference in the outcome.

If you consider all this information, you will be winning on your NFL parlays this season.