By Jacob Johnson | Published On: Sep 30 2021

Same Game Parlay Betting Guide

Welcome to the Same Game Parlay guide.

Sports betting is expanding in the United States, and this growth is causing sportsbooks to take their game to the next level. There are countless sports betting operators in the United States, so they must stand out to attract bettors. If sportsbooks do not offer competitive bonuses and betting opportunities, they will struggle to compete with prominent sportsbooks like DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel.

Parlays are very popular in legal sports betting. A parlay is when you combine multiple single wagers into one group to heighten the odds. This makes winning tougher because all legs of your parlay must hit for the bet to be successful. However, if you are successful, you will receive a large payout for a limited risk amount.

An example of the low risk for a high reward was evident during the 2021 NFL season. A bettor placed a 16 leg NFL parlay for $25, and the potential payout was $726,000. Unfortunately, the person only hit 15 of 16 legs, causing them to lose. The sportsbook gave him a payout of $133,000 for his successful wager, so he still prospered for a small risk.

Parlays are popular because they are possible to hit and you can win a lot of money. These are considered sucker bets, but you should always include them in your repertoire. If you study and work hard, things will go right when placing parlays.

What sports can be included in your same game parlay bet?

Parlays can be made across all sports. For example, you could put an NFL point spread, NHL total, and MLB money line on one betting slip. When sports betting was legalized in 2018, this was the limiting factor of parlays. You could not do same game parlays in sports betting.

Nevertheless, this has started to change as of late, with more books beginning to include this feature. In fact, sportsbooks are now encouraging you to place single-game parlays, and some of the potential payouts are massive.

Same game parlays were instituted during the 2021 NFL season, and they will be here to stay in the future. Single-game parlays bring you deeper into the action because you can win a lot of money with small risks and only watch one contest. This has been something bettors have been begging for since 2018, and sportsbooks are delivering.

Same Game Parlays in more detail

FanDuel trademarked the phrase same game parlays, so they are the only sportsbook that can use this terminology. Although, sportsbooks like DraftKings and BetMGM have also got themselves involved in the field.

Other terms you may hear are single-game parlays or one game parlays. If a sportsbook offers this feature, you will know because it’s a marketable feature at this point in the sports betting industry.

To place a successful same game parlay, you must understand what they are in sports betting. This is a fancy name for correlated wagers in sports betting for a single game. All the legs of the parlay must hit for your bet to be successful.

The concept of a same game parlay compared to a normal parlay in sports betting is identical. If one leg fails, you will lose your entire risk. Same game parlays do give you a higher chance to profit than normal parlays.

Unknowns kill sports betting slips, and with traditional parlays, there are numerous unknowns. You need multiple game outcomes to go your way. With same game parlays, you can select bets that build off each other.

What is to be expected

You are either going to win a lot of the legs or lose horribly. That’s the risk of placing same game parlays, but they do take risk out of the equation, which is a benefit of this wager type.

For a same game parlay, you can wager any market within the same contest. For example, you could bet Team A on the money line and the point spread. You could also add some parlays into the equation.

Since same game parlays became prevalent in the sports betting industry, prop parlays have been highly profitable. Props are easiest to handicap because they rely on an individual player. You could do a full list of player props on your parlay and stay away from traditional wagers.

The best part about same game wagers is they give you a higher winning probability, which is critical in sports betting. The point of betting on sports is to win, and sportsbooks are lowering their guard to give you a chance at success.

Parlay Payouts explained

Parlay payouts are identical to same game parlay winnings. Legal sportsbooks do all the calculations, so you do not have to worry about understanding the payouts. However, if you are new to betting, you need to know what the odds mean.

Negative odds indicate that an event is more likely to happen or a team is favored. These types of odds are safer, but it does mean that your payout will not rise drastically. Positive odds mean that an event is less likely to happen or a team is an underdog.

The higher the odds, the less likely an event is to occur. When you take these odds, you have a higher potential payout because you are assuming more risk than the sportsbook. When it comes to same game parlays, it’s best to find locks on a sportsbook.

Parlays dramatically heighten your odds, even if the list only includes heavy favorites. This is why it’s critical not to bet on all risks and get caught up with the potential winnings. If a parlay seems too good to be true, it will likely not hit.

These types of bets are still beneficial. Yet, you should bet them cautiously and not go all-in on heavy underdogs. If you feel there is a statistical advantage with these bets, this is an exception, but you must do your research.

It will get complicated if you try to understand the math behind your payouts, so leave this to the book. The main thing to remember is that a parlay with many legs will have a higher payout than one with a few bets.

If you are betting on a budget, same game parlays are the best way for you to win on a sportsbook.

Are Same Game Parlays Valuable?

Same Game Parlay bet slip

Yes, same game parlays are very valuable, but there are a few things to keep in mind. In sports betting, the house always has an advantage. Therefore, a same game parlay does not guarantee you any chances to win big.

Always remember that sportsbooks would not offer same game parlays if they were going to lose money. If you go into a same game parlay thinking it will be easy to win, you will most likely fail.

You always need to focus on research and studying to win, even if you can place parlays in the same game. There are a few proven ways to win with same game parlays. This process is critical for success because it allows you to pick the best wagers for a given contest.

When placing a same game parlay, your bets should build off each other. For example, you should not bet a quarterback to throw over 2.5 touchdowns and over 1.5 interceptions. You are setting yourself up for failure because this outcome is typically nonexistent in sports betting.

Jameis Winston has put a few of these games together, but they are very rare. The first thing you should do before placing a same game parlay is determine how the contest will look. The best games to parlay are the events with severe advantages from one side.

If you do a same game parlay in a tight matchup, it will likely fail because it’s harder to predict which sides will dominate. When you bet on a lopsided game, it will be much easier to win on a same game parlay.

It’s sports betting, so the narrative you determine in your head will not always be the correct outcome. However, if you focus on lopsided matchups, the pregame story will be much easier to tell.

How to utilize same game parlay bets

Even when you do predict the correct story, it does not always yield a winning parlay. Let’s take a look at the examples above to understand further how to utilize same game parlays. In the first betting slip, it’s obvious that the bettor’s pregame narrative was that the Texans were going to dominate the football game.

The person picked the Texans to win the game, which is the first sign of this fact. If you are going to pick a traditional wager, you should do it first because you can build your player props around it on the bet slip.

Since the bettor thought Houston would win the game, they picked a slate of player props involving the Texans. These props involved the best players on Houston’s offense because they were expected to shine against a weak Lions defense.

They started with the quarterback position, choosing Deshaun Watson to go over 302.5 passing yards. This is a given, considering the Texans loved to have Watson sit in the pocket and throw the ball.

The quarterback could make plays with his legs as well, but Detroit’s pass rush was soft, so it appeared Houston’s offensive line was going to handle the pressure. This would mean Watson would have time in the pocket and pick apart Detroit down the field.

If Watson has a big game, the best thing for a bettor is to add his favorite wide receiver to the player prop. The bettor added Jordan Akins, Brandon Cooks, and Will Fuller to all surpass their receiving totals.

What else to expect with same game parlays

Three skill players having big days is likely to occur when a quarterback is throwing for over 302.5 yards. The parlay could go horribly wrong if the Lions play well, but the bettor believes the pregame narrative is a Houston victory through aerial domination.

The slip also included Fuller to score a touchdown. If the team is going to win the game, this is a likely outcome. When Fuller goes over this number of yards, he typically finds the end zone.

Passing yards equates to a lot of points. Since the Lions have an awful defense, the bettor added a total to the list. The person believed there would be over 26.5 scored in the first half. This could be a combination of points between the two teams.

If all these bets hit, the bettor was going to have a very nice payout. A $10 risk could generate over a $400 payout. This is a situation where the game was lopsided.

Other recommendedations for your Same Game Parlay bets recommended placing same game parlays when there are a lot of mismatches, but the best part about this market is there are no limitations. You can place same game parlays on any contest you would like in sports betting. The bet slip on the right gives an excellent example of a tighter contest.

This game involves the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. The Bills were the better team in 2020, but this bettor believed the Patriots would do something offensively. This is why you will find split wagers on the same game parlay slip.

The bettors chose Stefon Diggs, Zack Moss, and Gabriel Davis to be anytime touchdown scorers. This is an indication that he thought the Bills were going to win the game or at least light up the scoreboard.

He picked the Bills to cover an alternate spread of -9.5. If the three players score, this was likely to happen with New England’s lackluster defense.

The bettor chose to go with James White over 21.5 receiving yards and picking Cam Newton to go under 40.5 rushing yards. The Bills’ strong rush defense should shut down Newton’s leg, and it worked.

The Bills were going to have to dominate the total, but the over of 44.5 points also hit. The Patriots could contribute to this total, but the spread of -9.5 is critical for the Bills to dominate the scoring.

The bet did not hit, but the payout would have been close to $13,000 if Davis would have scored. This is the problem with parlays because they are tough to hit.

When you look at the betting slip, the bettor picked the correct outcome for the game. However, one bet made the difference between winning and losing even though the Bills dominated the contest.

Winning Parlay Tips

If you are looking to win on same game parlays, the process is identical to winning on parlays and other bets. The first thing that you must do is prepare to win.

Same game parlays are primarily placed on NFL games. However, they can be applied to any sport, but the best event to utilize them is in the NFL. They are easiest to understand and handicap.

Additionally, same game parlays were made for bettors during football season. Sportsbooks emphasized this promotion for the NFL because of the variety of player props within a game. Why not take a look at the guide on how to use NFL Money Lines for more betting insights into other NFL gambling strategies.

Other sports have a similar number of player props, but football only plays one game per week. This gives sportsbooks the chance to create lucrative props for bettors.

The main thing that you need to know when preparing is think about the perceived outcome of the game. Yet, there are things within the game that you must examine to come to a legitimate conclusion.

In the NFL, you should always start by looking at home field advantage. This is critical in football, but it’s not the case like other sports. In football, communication is critical and a hostile environment can affect the outcome of the game.

Typically, the better team still has an advantage. Yet, you must always examine home field, especially in games that are too close to call. Another thing you should look at for same game parlays are injuries.

Player props deal with single players, but they involve a full team. For example, if you pick a receiver to go over a certain number of yards, but the quarterback is hurt, this may not occur.

Other Factors to consider

Major injuries like quarterbacks are always public, but a smaller debilitation to an offensive lineman may not make headlines. These injuries are also important for same game parlays because they affect skill players.

Home field and injuries are the two things that common bettors forget about before placing a bet. After you determine this information, you should look at the matchups in the game.

This will help you determine the best player props to include in your same game parlay. If there are heavy mismatches, you should try to find props that you can take advantage of within a game.

For example, if a strong receiving corps is going against a weak secondary, it’s probably best to find player props for the receivers. If a quarterback is young against a talented defense, you may want to bet on him to throw an interception.

You bet props by looking at stats and determining where the best outcomes lie. The final thing you cannot forget is momentum and confidence. Teams that have these two qualities are the most dangerous in any sport.


In the NFL, any team can win one any given day. A team with lesser talent may prosper if they are playing with confidence over a team that has more talent. Bets are better when placed off numbers, but sometimes you need to go with the on-field play.

If a team does not have great stats but they find ways to win, this is a valuable trait. It’s rough for bettors because it takes certainty through stats out of the formula. Therefore, do not forget it when placing any wagers, especially same game parlays where the winnings can be drastic.

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