pokerstars nj chipsThe Online Poker Site is Celebrating the Holidays in a Big Way

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and PokerStars is celebrating the holiday season by offering a new Stars Rewards program to online casino poker players in New Jersey. PokerStars, one of the world’s leading online poker sites, is launching the new program as a way to reward players with real money across all the company’s products.

In total, PokerStars will be giving away $250,000 this holiday season through random Chests that contain $1,000 cash prizes. The promotion started early this season on November 7 and will continue to run until at least all of the rewards have been distributed.

The Stars Rewards program is new in New Jersey, but it was rolled out in other parts of the world last spring. In fact, New Jersey was the last market in which PokerStars decided to roll out its Stars Rewards program. The Stars Rewards program has gotten great feedback in the other markets that it has been rolled out to, first in Denmark and then in Italy.

In New Jersey, the Stars Rewards program will replace PokerStars’ old VIP program, which rewarded high-volume online poker players in the Garden State with incentives on a “cash back” basis.

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How to Earn Stars Rewards

Stars Rewards is a program that you need to join in order to be eligible to win the random cash prizes. Joining is simple. A Stars Rewards widget is available in the PokerStars software. Click it and sign up. Or you can visit PokerStars’ Stars Rewards website here.

The next step is to start playing. You’ll earn rewards points based on your play activity in real money gaming. As you play, your Reward points fill up your progress bar. Once the bar is full, you’ll receive an awards Chest to open.

Each Chest could contain up to $1,000 in cash prizes. Everyone is a winner in the PokerStars Stars Rewards program, though. Even if you don’t win one of the random $1,000 prizes, you will still win a personalized reward that will be based on the games you like to play.

There is also no limit to how many Chests you can earn and win each day. The one challenging aspect to the Stars Rewards program that makes it extra fun is that as you win more prizes, it will take more and more Rewards points to earn another Chest. But as you do this, the value of each Chest will increase in value, too.