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Parlay Betting FAQ

1. Parlay Meaning

A parlay is a group of individual bets, 2 or more, placed into one wager. Every bet in the wager must win for the parlay bet to win.

2. Why Should I Bet A Parlay?

A parlay ticket pays out a lot more than an individual bet. You can wager a small amount to win big in a parlay.

3. What are the advantages of playing a parlay?

Parlay betting can be very exciting especially when you are down to your last bet and the others have all won. You get a bit more excitement for your money as instead of watching one score or bet outcome you have many to keep you interested. You can place a small bet and win a lot of money with a parlay and when this happens you will feel great. To win an odds on or low odds individual bet you may have to put more money down than you are comfortable with to win big however with a parlay you can bet what you are comfortable with and win a great amount.

4. What Are the Disadvantages of Playing a Parlay.

The risk of losing a parlay bet is much higher than an individual wager plus you have to win all of your bets on the parlay for the sportsbook to payout. If you win 5 but lose 1 then you lose the whole bet.

5. What sports can you parlay bet?

Any sport can include a parlay bet. You can even mix the sports and create a hybrid parlay (not an official term)

6. Which Online Sportsbooks Allow Parlay Betting?

On bparlay we only promote online sportsbooks that allow parlay betting. You can see a list of our sportsbooks on this page

7. Where to place parlay bets Online

You can place a normal bet with the online sportsbook then you can either add another bet which automatically creates a parlay ticket for you or there will be a button with text ‘parlay’ that will allow you add more wagers to your ticket. Each sportsbook is different.

8. Whats a parlay bet payout?

This determines purely on the odds you are getting from the bookmaker. You can use our parlay calculator to input up to 15 bets and it will calculate the return.

9. Can you parlay prop bets?

Yes, you can parlay the props however by adjusting the line which is also called a teaser bet will reduce the odds and the amount of money you will win. It does however increase your chances of winning.

10. Can you parlay moneyline and spread?

Yes, moneyline, spread and totals can be placed within a parlay bet.

11. Can you parlay future bets?

Yes, future bets can be placed as a parlay bet

12. Are there different types of parlays?

There are x3 different types of parlay betting:

Standard Parlay: A group of individual bets, 2 or more placed into one wager. Every bet in the wager must-win for the parlay bet to win. This is most used parlay in betting.

Correlated Parlay: This allows you to bet on two actions within the same game that correlate to each other, for example, You bet that a team will win by the spread however on the same ticket you can also bet on the total or moneyline for the same game.

Progressive Parlay: This allows you to lose an individual bet within your parlay betting slip. This will increase your odds of winning the ticket however will also greatly reduce your winnings.