Are you struggling to figure out who to side with in preseason NFL games? It’s no easy task to find the winners and with so many unknowns it can be more like a lottery when creating a parlay. I will try and make this easier for you by highlighting some basic information that does increase your chances of winning.

  1. Read the news!
    Twitter is ideal as it’s real time and frequent but team websites can offer key info which could tell if they are playing to win or to experiment.
  2. Does the Coach care?
    Some coaches want to win pre season games more than others. Follow coaches interviews and comments before each game. You will be surprised how much they give away.
  3. Study the Odds
    The bookies are in the know and they usually have these games priced up well.

NFL 2019 Preseason Game Weeks

Game Week 1
08/02 – 1 Game

Game Week 2
08/09 – 11 Games – PARLAY
08/10 – 2 Games
08/11 – 3 Games

Game Week 3
08/16 – 5 Games – PARLAY
08/17 – 4 Games – PARLAY
08/18 – 5 Games – PARLAY
08/19 – 1 Game
08/20 – 1 Game

Game Week 4
08/23 – 6 Games – PARLAY
08/24 – 3 Games
08/25 – 6 Games – PARLAY
08/26 – 1 Game

Game Week 5
08/30 – 16 Games – PARLAY

From the remaining fixtures I see 6 betting opportunities for parlay betting. By far the most exciting day is Aug 30 as we have a full fixture list to go at.

Game week 5 is also great as we have had time to see teams in action. Having current form to study is crucial and as the first game week of the 2019/20 season starts the following week, each team will want to go in to that with a win behind them.

My NFL parlay betting picks are very successful so I would recommend you follow these when you can. I also created a whole stack of articles for NFL betting strategies. If you are looking to get better at NFL betting then this is the section for you.

Good luck in preseason and roll on NFL season!


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