By Jacob Johnson | Published On: Nov 25 2021

Multiple Sport Parlay Hits for Nice Thanksgiving Payout for Bettor

Multiple Sport Parlay Hits for Nice Thanksgiving Payout for Bettor

We’ve all heard stories of how some bettors placed some pocket change onto a parlay and walked away with thousands of dollars.

Although those sound more like myths and made-up stories rather than actual events that happened, the saying “anything can happen” indeed holds true – especially in the world of sports betting.

There have been many parlay success stories of late, including a story about a man who collected $46,875.87 from a single $20 12-team football parlay. Obviously, there are many tales about bettors who collected thousands, even tens of thousands, from their parlay bets. Yet, there aren’t that many who can brag about pocketing millions – up until now.

This weekend, an unnamed BetMGM bettor turned $50 into $1,133,530.50 with a 15-team multisport parlay.

A $50 Bet Turns Into Over A Million

To hit big parlays, you need to be brave, a bit lucky, and crazy enough to take a shot at it. That, or a crystal globe that allows you to see into the future, and while we don’t know which of the four the recent winner had, we know that he turned $50 into a $1.1 million payout.

From what we know, the secret sauce of hitting a 22,670-1 parlay seems to be betting on multiple sports. That might not be the case for everyone, but it was for the recently crowned millionaire, who placed a bet that included legs on the NHL, NBA, NFL, college football, and the LPGA Tour.

The gambler’s parlay consisted of some interesting picks, but only two underdogs, with his selection on golfer Jin Young Ko to win the CME Group Tour Championship at 5-1, the biggest outsider on the ticket.

Besides the brave pick on Young Ko, the bettor also sided with seven teams to cover the spread, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Miami-Ohio, Wake Forest, Michigan State, Colorado Avalanche, and Washington Capitals. Adding to the list were six ML bets on Cal State Fullerton, Atlanta Hawks, New England Patriots, Houston, Oklahoma, and Baltimore Ravens, as well as Golden Knights with a +2.5 handicap.

Parlay Picks

Rhode Island vs Boston College
Pick: Rhode Island -5.5 (-110)

Connecticut vs Long Island
Pick: Connecticut -24.5 (-110)

Miami-Ohio vs Stetson
Pick: Miami-Ohio -9.5 (-110)

Wake Forest vs Charleston Southern
Pick: Wake Forest -9.5 (-110)

Michigan State vs Butler
Pick: Michigan State -2.5 (-110)

Colorado Avalanche vs Vancouver Canucks
Pick: Colorado Avalanche -1.5 (+150)

Washington Capitals vs Los Angeles Kings
Pick: Washington Capitals -1.5 (+200)

Vegas Golden Knights vs Carolina Hurricanes
Pick: Golden Knights +2.5 (-105)

Cal State Fullerton vs George Washington
Pick: Cal State Fullerton ML (-150)

Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics
Pick: Atalanta Hawks ML (-190)

New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons
Pick: New England Patriots ML (-275)

Houston vs Memphis
Pick: Houston ML (-300)

Oklahoma vs Iowa State
Pick: Oklahoma ML (-175)

Baltimore Ravens vs Chicago Bears
Pick: Baltimore Ravens ML (-250)

CME Group Tour Championship
Pick: Jin Young Ko to win (+500)

Why not use the Odds Calculator Parlay Tool to help with your betting analysis.

Jin Young Ko Seals The Deal

By picking a 15-team parlay, you’re bound to get some close calls, and the recent winner was no exception. However, overall, the ticket passed through without any real issues.

Starting from the top, picking the Golden Knights with a +2.5 line ended up being the right call, as they ended up losing to Washington Capitals 0-2. Similarly, the bettor has made the right decision trusting the Capitals and Colorado, with the former covering the puck line in the shootout, while Colorado showcased a masterful performance, beating the Kraken 7-3.

The College basketball games were relatively sweat-free. Michigan State won by 21 points, while Connecticut, which the bettor picked with a -24.5 handicap, closed out the deal with 53 points to spare.

On the other side, the Atlanta Hawks crushed the Celtics (110-99), and the Patriots stomped the Falcons (25-0) on Thursday night.

Things got a bit dicey on Sunday for the Ravens, however. The Baltimore outfit entered their match with the Chicago Bears without quarterback Lamar Jackson, who got ruled out Saturday morning, 90 minutes before the kick-off due to illness and got replaced by Tyler Huntley.

The game had some close calls, and it all seemed like the Bears would run away with a win. The Chicago squad held a 13-9 lead with only 1:41 left, but Baltimore responded with a winning 72-yard TD, thanks to Huntley’s 29-yard pass to Sammy Watkins, who carried the ball into Chicago 3.

Devonta Freeman was, in the end, the man of the match, having scored the game-winning points with only 22 seconds left, giving the Ravens a 16-13 lead, which they held onto until the final whistle.

Rounding Up

To round up the 15-team parlay and put the cherry on top of the cake, the 26-year-old golfer Jin Young Ko, sealed the deal by winning the CME Group Tour Championship. With that win, the Seoul native secured the LPGA Player of the Year award.

She closed out the season with a ridiculous 63 consecutive green hits – and most notably by helping one lucky bettor pocket over $1.1 million from a $50 parlay bet. And there couldn’t have been better timing for the punter to fill up his bags, with black Friday sales just around the corner.

Parlay Results

  • Rhode Island vs Boston College (71-65)
  • Connecticut vs Long Island (93-40)
  • Miami-Ohio vs Stetson (80-65)
  • Wake Forest vs Charleston Southern (95-59)
  • Colorado Avalanche vs Vancouver Canucks (4-2)
  • Washington Capitals vs Los Angeles Kings (2-0)
  • Vegas Golden Knights vs Carolina Hurricanes (2-4)
  • Cal State Fullerton vs George Washington (74-59)
  • Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics (110-99)
  • New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons (25-0)
  • Houston vs Memphis (21-13)
  • Oklahoma vs Iowa State (28-21)
  • Baltimore Ravens vs Chicago Bears (16-13)
  • CME Group Tour Championship (J.Y. Ko -23)

The lucky parlay will go down in history as one of the biggest parlay payouts of the decade. While there might never be another bettor who will turn $50 into a million-dollar payout, we could have said the same weeks back, which only shows that in the world of sports betting, anything can happen.

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