You know already know that we are all about parlay bets here at bparlay. That is why this insane offer from Play SugarHouse caught our eye big time!

What is the Jackpot Parlay?

It’s basically an auto parlay selector that is tailored to criteria that you choose.

You can select the following options to make up bets in your parlay;

  1. Sports
    Choose which sports to be included. You may want to load up with NFL only or mix both Soccer and MLB together, the choice is yours.
  2. Timeframe
    You can select the start time of the bets. Anything from Live matches to within a 24 hour period.
  3. Number of bets
    You decide if you want 3 bets up to 8 bets in your jackpot parlay.
  4. Bet Amount
    Select your stake. this can be as low as $1 and as high as $1,000.
  5. Winnings
    Your selections will give you a fixed return and it’s usually massive!
Jackpot Parlay

Where is the Jackpot Parlay bet?

Once you have landed on the Play Sugar House Sportsbook, you will see this on the ride hand side menu. Its currently right at the top under ‘My Bet History’ so you should see it easily.

Once clicked it launches a pop up. As seen in the picture above.

Is the Jackpot Parlay worth it?

I’ll be honest, this is a long shot! You will need some luck as bets paying out large sums are doing so for a reason.

But hey, it’s only like playing the lottery so I would keep your stakes low and have fun.

Jackpot Parlay Strategy

From my experience, this is how i would form my jackpot parlay bet;

  1. Choose one sport. Ideally on a game day when there are more than 5 games
  2. Select the time frame ‘Next 12 hours’
  3. Choose 5 Combo Bets – It’s the sweet spot for decent odds and chance to win
  4. Stake $10


Overall this is a good parlay tool from PlaySugarHouse and one I’m sure many will enjoy having a go at.

Treat as a bit of fun and I hope you all get lucky and land a big jackpot parlay!


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