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2021 NHL Playoffs First Round Parlay Winners

Only one playoff spot remains up for grabs - the fourth spot in the North Division. While the matchups can still change...
betting the +1.5 underdog

Be careful taking the underdog at +1.5

The puck line is one of the most tempting bets in NHL betting and in particular it's the underdogs that seem to...

Parlay Winning Underdogs 04/03/19

We look at the winning underdogs from the NBA and NHL on 04/03/19 and see what you would of won with a parlay bet.
underdog parlay winners cartoon

Best Underdog Parlay Bets This Week 01/18 – 01/23

As always, this week offered sports bettors several underdog parlay opportunities that paid out handsome sums to those who were brave enough...
todays parlay pick 11.15.18

Todays Parlay Pick 11.15.18

We have mixed things up a little today by choosing two NBA matches and two NHL games. There are only three NBA games to...