By Josh Thomas | Published On: Oct 23 2019

Be careful taking the underdog at +1.5

betting the +1.5 underdog

The puck line is one of the most tempting bets in NHL betting and in particular it’s the underdogs that seem to stand out the most. When most games end up fairly close affairs, it’s hard not to be tempted in taking the +1.5 goals.

The sportsbook will almost always price up the +1.5 dog as favorites on the puck line so although you get the extra 2 goal cushion, you are probably going to have to take lower odds.

So, what if I was to tell you that the +1.5 underdog often comes at a higher risk than the -1.5 favorite…

The biggest risk of taking +1.5

If a team is losing by 1 goal near the end of the game, they will sacrifice the goalie for another attacker

OK so what does this mean?

It means that your +1.5 bet is at massive risk if the team you chose is 1 goal behind with a few minutes left. Although your team could go on to secure a draw with the extra attacker, but the most common result is that they concede an easy goal. This means that your bet goes down!

Is it all bad taking the underdog on the Puck Line?

There is still value in taking this bet, especially if you feel the team could win outright. It is pretty common that games end regulation time at a tie so the +1.5 will always see you getting a winner in this scenario.

Basically, your team has 3 outcomes that mean your bet can win.
1. Team loses by 1 goal
2. Team ties the game
3. Team wins the game

It’s definitely a safe bet and it is a popular selection within parlays.

Pro’s and Con’s

– Secures your bet against 3 possible outcomes

– High risk if a team is losing by 1 goal near the end of the match. This means the bet could be winning a thrown away with a late easy goal.
– Odds are lower than the -1.5 on most occasions


Whether you take the +1.5 all depends on the game in question. If there is a strong chance that the game would rely on a 1 goal margin, I tend to stay clear of the puck line. There is nothing worse than seeing your bet go down by a walk in goal in the dying minutes! I honestly don’t think there is a worse way to lose.

I like to use the +1.5 spread when I think the team will likely win on the moneyline and I’m putting this team in a parlay. This is where the value lies and is why you see this strategy in mine and Dan’s NHL parlay picks on site.

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